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Kevin+Swati// A Proposal and Engagement Story// Cantigny

I had the honor of taking part in Kevin’s surprise proposal to Swati.  What a fun day and a complete surprise for Swati! Kevin did a wonderful job making it all happen and he put a lot of thought and heart into it!

Swati’s sister (who is in on the proposal) has convinced her they are coming to the park for a Macy’s Insider Fashion Show. Kevin is supposed to be in Miami.  Luis (the videographer) and I had to use our acting skills and pretend as if we were working for Macy’s looking for some of today’s guests to be interviewed. This is so that Swati can be mic’d up for when the proposal actually happens. So far, she suspects nothing.

After our fake interview we lead the girls down to where the “fashion show” is going to be taking place. Swati still has no clue, and when she sees the pillars and bouquets she says, “Oh this is cute, is this for the show?”

Ahhh, the lightbulb goes on. Something else is going on here!

I wouldn’t stop looking at it either if I were her….but there’s one more surprise. You know that Louis bag she’s been joking about wanting Kevin to buy her for the last six months?

Oh yes he did.

Now that she’s breathing normally again, Swati is retracing her steps to really read what was written on the banner. Next they will sit down and give a little run down of everything to the videographers.

They are such a fun couple. I can tell they bring a lot of joy to each other!

And now it’s time for a little photo session with me. They rocked it.

Millie, you did a wonderful job helping Kevin plan! Swati is lucky to have a sister like you.

I’d say it was a pretty good day for these two.

Thank you also to Kendall from The Yes Girls who helped coordinate this lovely proposal!

Also a shout out to Krystina from Flower Art Studio who set up the florals and gazebo.

And Luis Feliciano from Fred Fox for the videography.

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